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The Permanent Collection at Danforth Art consists of approximately 3,500 objects in all media. The Museum has been building the collection since its founding in 1975, and actively collects and holds examples of American Art in all media from the early nineteenth century to the present day.

Danforth Art Museum’s mission is to collect, document, preserve, display, and interpret original works of art and the resources in its care in order to uphold and advance the academic goals and core values of Framingham State University and to enrich the community at large. The museum seeks to educate and inspire students, faculty, and the public through access, engaging exhibitions, and educational programming.

The collection includes familiar names from American art history as well as significant holdings of contemporary regional art from both established and emerging artists.

Below, explore a selection of these works more deeply in this online gallery. For more information about the work, please click on the thumbnail version of the artwork below to open a page from our collections database.

Viewing our collection:
Figuration in American Art
New England Academic Traditions
Painting in Boston
Contemporary, Regional Art

Figuration in American Art

Garrit A. Beneker, Man at Steelworks
Gilbert Stuart, Dr. Nathaniel Coffin
Haley Hasler, Self-Portrait as a Woman Serving a Meal
Jon Imber, Portrait of Philip Guston in a Green Coat
Gilbert Stuart, Mrs. Nathaniel Coffin
Susanna Coffey, Self-Portrait (Reverse Head, Sepia)
Florence Hosmer, Woman with Blue Cloche Hat
Nathan Goldstein, Jackie
Albert Gallatin Hoit, Mrs. Hannah Parsons Keegan
Ivan Gregorovitch Olinsky, Pleasing News
Chester Harding, Portrait of Abel Phelps
Jack Kramer, Self Portrait

New England Academic Traditions

Charles Sprague Pearce, A Village Funeral at Brittany
Phillip Leslie Hale, Glitter
Marion L. Pooke, The One Night Stand
Grace Hartigan, Cellini Cup
Conger Metcalf, Deception with Keys (Inganno con Chiave)
Jasper Francis Cropsey, Lake George
Albert Bierstadt, Near North Conway, New Hampshire
William Paxton, Portrait of the Artist’s Father
Marion L. Pooke, Portrait Study in Profile
Robert Woodward, Storm Sun
Max Weber, Untitled (Winter Scene)
Edmund Charles Tarbell, Mary and Newcastle Poppy
Charles Hopkinson, Nausham Island
John Joseph Enneking, Landscape

Painting in Boston

Suzanne Hodes, Mother Three Times
Natalie Alper, Votive Song
Barbara Swan, Baby (Aaron at Four Months)
Hyman Bloom, Seascape II
Karl Zerbe, Archaic Figure
North River Meets Sea
Lois Tarlow, As The North River Meets the Sea
Barbara Swan, Lemons and Limes
Esther Geller, Rebec Player
Hyman Bloom, Séance II
Hyman Bloom, Skeleton in a Red Dress
Lawrence Kupferman, South End Facade
Arthur Polonsky, The Flowering Staff of Aaron
Steven Trefonides, The Spell
David Aronson, Three Musicians IV
Harley Manlius Perking, Interior

Contemporary, Regional Art

Gerry Bergstein, Blackboard #2
Sarah Meyers Brent, Seep
Richard Foster Yarde, The Apartment
Toni Pepe, Installment 6 from “the Gesture of Tradition”
Sean Sullivan, 1959 Cadillac Series 62
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, 40,000 Years
Mia Cross, Another Girl Who Sat on the Couch Too Long
May Stevens, Artemisia Gentileschi
Don Eddy, C/VI/D (Then There Were Two)
Randall Diehl , Dutch Painter
Sarah Pollman, Father/Mother 5
Lindsey Beal, Figure #1 from ‘The Venus Series’
Anne Lambert, Four Mill Girls
Aaron Fink, Hat
Nina Bohlen, Jabez Dreams
Cynthia Maurice, La Boheme
Jo Sandman, Light Tracing #9
Allan Rohan Crite, Madonna and Child
Anne Neely, Night Garden
Tara Sellios, Retribution: Untitled No. 1
TRIIIBE (Alicia Casilio, Kelly Casilio, Sara Casilio, Cary Wolinsky), Shelf Life #3
Gail Samuelson, Silk Blouse
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Sovereign Nations
Sandy Skoglund, Spirituality in the Flesh
Duane Slick, The Mind/Body Problem
Robert Ferrandini, Untitled
Clarissa Sligh , Untitled (from Re-Framing the Past Series)
Randall Deihl, Untitled (The Hundred-Mile View)
Duane Slick, Verifying the Invisible (Coyote and Tulips)
Merill Comeau, Women’s Work is Never Done