TRIIIBE (Alicia Casilio, Kelly Casilio, Sara Casilio, Cary Wolinsky)

American, contemporary

Shelf Life #3

2010 Archival Inkjet Print

TRIIIBE is a collaboration between identical triplets Alicia, Kelly, and Sara Casilio and the photographer Cary Wolinsky. Founded in 2006, the group creates work that comments on the fluidity of self. Through the use of performances, film, and photography, TRIIIBE addresses the social constructs of identity. In their works, each triplet adopts a persona or confronts a stereotype in order to bring attention to how we approach difference. Although the applications of clothing, makeup, and body language reinforce differences, when coupled with their analogous faces the works become reminders of a “shared humanity”.

Gift of Audrey and James Foster, 2018.1