Natalie Alper

American, contemporary

Votive Song

n.d. Acrylic and pencil on canvas

As a resident of Boston, the urban environment plays a key role in the development of Alper’s paintings. She explains that, “the city is an intrinsic part of my experience of the world and how my vision is formed. It’s a place where energy and order are in constant competition.” This motion results in abstracted cityscapes that jump off the canvas.

Alper’s process includes preparing a gesso ground and a thin layer of iridescence, followed by graphite mark making and grid preparation on the ground, then applying a specially mixed metallic and iridescent acrylic paint in broad brush strokes. Drips, smears, and sometimes paint removal are used to create “happy accidents” on the surface.

Gift of Donald L. and Arlene Shapiro, 2014.147