March 26 - June 5, 2022
Suzanne Hodes: The Engaged Image

Suzanne Hodes occupies a unique place in contemporary art in New England.  She came of age in the company of artists in Boston who were known for vibrant color, wild brushstrokes, and deep emotional connections inspired by German Expressionism.  Yet, Hodes also identifies as a New York artist, heavily engaged with the movement, sights, and sounds of the urban environment. Her mastery of figural abstraction and commitment to family and her journey as an artist, along with an engaged and attentive eye to global politics, is evident throughout this exhibition.

The Engaged Image traces six decades of paintings and drawings by an artist who cuts beneath the surface of her subject matter to create deeply personal and political works, exploring both the darkness and light in the world.

The exhibition opens to the public on March 26.  Join the Danforth and the artist for a reception on Saturday, April 30, from 3:00-5:00.  Open to the public, advance registration required, click here to register.

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Dates: March 26 - June 5, 2022
Participating artists: Suzanne Hodes
Suzanne Hodes, Approaching the City/Orange Sky , 2006, Oil on canvas
Suzanne Hodes, Mother’s World , 1994, Oil and mixed media
Suzanne Hodes, American Rituals Series #2 , 1969, Oil on canvas
Suzanne Hodes, American Rituals Series #5 , 1969, Oil on canvas
Three images of a woman in a long purple robe in the kitchen cooking at a stovetop
Suzanne Hodes, Mother Three Times , 1989, Charcoal, conte, and pastel and paper
Suzanne Hodes, Night Rhythms #2 , 2004, Oil on canvas
Suzanne Hodes, Times Square Rhythms , 2011, Oil on canvas
Suzanne Hodes, Up and Down the Mall , n.d., Oil on canvas
Suzanne Hodes, Water Moving , 2020, Oil on canvas
"I can't always find the paintings I want to look at, so I have to create them." Suzanne Hodes