Beyond our Walls

Photograph of a sunny day with green grass and a brick walkway. There are several tall trees on either side. In the background is a long two story brick building with white trim. Throughout are college students walking.  

The Danforth Art Museum was founded with the intent to connect with and represent our surrounding community, to highlight the art and artists of the Greater Boston area, and to serve as an accessible space to engage with both historical and contemporary art. One thing we have learned as a result of living through a pandemic, is that our exhibitions do not have to be limited to the gallery walls, and virtual engagement reaches our community and beyond. Thinking of how to innovate and connect to our community, and to provide additional space for the arts, has led to the launching of this page—our virtual gallery for community engagement.

When you visit the Danforth Museum you see some of the best contemporary art in New England; this page takes you one step further. We will highlight digital exhibitions curated outside of the Danforth featuring artists from Framingham and surrounding communities.

This page also serves to inform viewers of art events going on in the area, and the places you should visit besides the Danforth Museum!

Virtual Exhibition Spotlight

New to the Danforth is this Virtual Exhibition, to highlight exhibitions and art by community members!  We are proud to kick off this Virtual Exhibition with amazing curating by Claudia Ruiz Gustafson, a Framingham Photographer and recent winner of the MCC fellowship.  Over the past several years she has worked with local high school students to curate the exhibition ‘Framingham: City of Dreams’ that pays tribute residents of Framingham who have contributed to making the city a better place for all of us.  Click here to see more of this Digital Exhibition!

‘Framingham: City of Dreams” is in its second iteration.  First displayed at the Gallery B, is currently on view at the Open Spirit Gallery, 39 Edwards St. Framingham, MA, 01701.  The exhibition showcases photographs from high school students Anton Bica, Fiona Burke, Casey Corcoran and Lucas Gustafson.  Click here to learn more about seeing this exhibition in person!  The exhibition is on display from June 15 to August 31.

Know of an art event, exhibition, or artist who could be highlighted on this page?  Let us know at