Photograph of a gallery room with yellow and grey walls, paintings on the yellow wall and photographs on the grey, with white pedestals holding balls made of various fabrics. Around this standing and sitting are young students drawing.  

The Danforth Art Museum is a Mass Cultural Council Universal Participation designated institution.  This means we are striving to make the Danforth accessible to as many individuals as we can through inclusive design practices and community engagement.  This goal is, and will be, ongoing and as we learn and hear from our surrounding communities on what and how we can increase access to the Danforth.

Card to Culture

The Danforth is a a proud participant of the Mass Cultural Council’s Card to Culture program.  Click here to learn more!

All Access Guide

The Danforth’s All Access Guide is here to help future visitors to the Danforth understand what the Danforth looks like, how to navigate through the building, and what they will see when they visit.  Click here to access our guide!