City Lights

Lois Tarlow
Material Vocabulary

Lois Tarlow has been part of the fabric of art in New England for nearly seven decades. This exhibition highlights themes and techniques that have defined the artist’s practice from the 1950s to today.

Lois Tarlow’s “material vocabulary,” a varied and exquisite use of materials across media, is the thread that unites her rich body of work, and her choice of media reflect specific and significant life moments. Lois’s works have always been about layers—physical and psychological, what hides in the dark, what lies beneath, and ultimately what comes to the surface. This artistic intensity, still present as the artist celebrated her 90th birthday, is explored in paintings, drawings, prints, and mixed media works.

Dates: April 14 – July 28, 2019
Participating artists: Lois Tarlow
Lois Tarlow, Aftermath #1, 1996, Mixed media on paper
City Lights
Lois Tarlow, City Lights (#1 and #2), 2012–2015, Charcoal on braille paper
Early Morning Hanoi
Lois Tarlow, Early Morning, Hanoi, 1994, Pastel on paper
Eli Orange Hat
Lois Tarlow, Eli in an Orange Hat, 1956, Oil on canvas
Lois Tarlow, The Bathers, 1968, Oil on canvas
Food Chain
Lois Tarlow, The Food Chain, 1986, Pastel
Lois Tarlow, Meltdown, 2017, Ink and foam packing on handmade paper
Night Flight Red Eyed Birds
Lois Tarlow, Night Flight of the Red Eyed Birds, 1990 c., Pastel on metallic paper
Secret Garden
Lois Tarlow, Secret Garden, 2012, Black rice paper, Duralar film, acrylic ink, colored paper
Self Portrait Birds Nest
Lois Tarlow, Self-Portrait as a Bird’s Nest, 1975, Charcoal
Self Portrait Persian Jacket
Lois Tarlow, Self-Portrait in a Persian Jacket, 1954, Oil on canvas
Self Portrait Three Way Mirror
Lois Tarlow, Self-Portrait in a Three-Way Mirror, 1953, Oil on casein
Year of the Drought
Lois Tarlow, Year of the Drought #1, 1996, Mixed media on paper
As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist. From age 4, I would spend many whole days drawing at the desk in the office of my father's sole leather factory. Lois Tarlow, Artist —Plan Your Visit