Due to surging COVID cases, proof of vaccination will be required for all students over the age of 5 attending classes at the art school. Please be prepared to show vaccination card or a photo of your vaccination card to your instructor on the first day of class. Thank you.

Our program for High School students focuses on providing more advanced instruction in drawing and painting, allowing each student to begin the process of developing a personal viewpoint. Instructors encourage students to explore ideas and content as well as refining skill with various media. Strategies for enhancing portfolios will also be explored.

Watercolor painting of an Asian woman with an ornate triangle headdress with heart dangles, teardrop earrings, and wearing a pink and black silk dress.  
Photograph of a teenaged girl in a mustard orange t-shirt seated at an easel drawing a model.  
Drawing of a girls face emerging from a black background. The right half of her face is in shadow.  

Classes for teens are designed for students who are in or about to enter Grades 9-12.

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Studio Assistantship 2022

[Please note that all of the spots have been filled and that we are no longer accepting applications for the 2022 year.]

Calling all High School and College aged students! The Danforth is looking for reliable and passionate applicants for our year round Assistantship Program. This year, our assistantship program has expanded beyond our Summer Arts and now features a year-round opportunity to get experience both in the classroom and in the museum’s galleries! Students will gain experience working in the Danforth Museum giving tours and helping facilitate museum programs throughout the year! A modest stipend is available to those who complete the program. For more information and to apply, please read and fill out the application Here. 


Charcoal drawing of a woman seated in a tall chair with a leg draped over one of the arms. She is looking down at the floor and has her hair up in a bun.  
Photograph of a teenaged girl in a green t-shirt seated at an easel drawing a model.  
Photograph of a dress form with an outfit in linen and a drawing of a runway with various models wearing different outfits.  

Teen Classes FAQ

Will your high school classes help students build a portfolio?

Yes. The instructors for our high-school level classes are chosen specifically for their ability to work with teen artists as they create a body of work over time.  At this age, students can vary widely in skill level, but are generally all very serious about learning new techniques and improving their artwork.  Through specific exercises, group critique and exposure to advanced methods, students will be able to start or build a portfolio of work which demonstrates a personal point of view.

Will we need to buy supplies?

Probably. We have included a list of suggested materials along with the class descriptions. Please call us if you need help figuring out what to buy. 508.215.5116

My child is going into eighth grade but he is really good at art. Can he take a High School class?

We encourage students to take classes with their direct peers. While artistic skills may be advanced, the social atmosphere in our classes is important to the overall learning environment. In this case, the age difference would likely create an uncomfortable experience for both your child and the older students in the class.