Summer Arts: Opposites

Summer Arts is an immersive program that uses a variety of studio practices to provide a comprehensive art experience for children. In addition to keeping a portfolio and showing their work at Friday Exhibitions, all students receive a formal tour of the museum, learning how to view art critically with a focus on developing visual literacy.

The World of Opposites

The works in this gallery were selected from Danforth Museum’s permanent collection by Curatorial Fellow AJ Green to provide a dedicated learning space for the students participating in Summer Arts.

The Summer Arts Program for children and teens is aligned each year around a different theme, with weekly focus areas that explore this theme. This summer, we focus on the world of opposites, examining ideas from two distinct points of view as well as from all the points of view in between.  Often, the borders, edges and junctions where opposites meet can give us an entirely new perspective. The works displayed here represent a variety of imagery related to opposites, displayed for a child’s point of view.

Dates: June 22 - September 22, 2024
Participating artists: