Photograph of a gallery room with dark grey walls and tan wood floor. There are a series of tall sculptures with rusty scaffolding shapes and sporadic clumps of white, blue, and grey paper flower shapes.

Rebecca Hutchinson: Midnight Blooms

Midnight Blooms is work for a time in which we are turning to nature for the solace it can provide but remain filled with uncertainty for the future. Hutchinson describes her work as “speaking to the depth and complexity of living with the hopes of revealing the human condition in sculptural form,” and her installation balances human fragility with resilience and strength.

Rebecca Hutchinson’s work is a unique response to the natural world. The blooms that she creates from handmade paper, ceramics, and recycled materials fill spaces, are abundant and slightly overwhelming, and tower around and above the viewer. These are works about survival, and how nature adapts to its circumstances. But taken together, the overall experience of Hutchinson’s forest of blooms is quiet, muted, and calming.

Dates: September 19, 2020 - February 28, 2021
Participating artists: Rebecca Hutchinson