Photograph of a gallery installation with a blue wall to the right and a beige wall to the left. There are a variety of artworks hanging on the walls. In the center of the photograph is a short, white pedestal with an abstract purple sculpture made up of diagonally cut circles.

Permanent Collection 2023

Come see the Danforth's most recent rotation of our Permanent Collection Gallery!

Every January, the Danforth Art Museum rotates its Permanent Collection Gallery.  With over 3,700 objects in its permanent collection, yearly rotation allows for new works to be displayed to the visiting public.  This current exhibition was collaborated with FSU 2023 graduate Samantha Coombs, whose love of photography comes through in the artwork seen in this gallery.

Participating artists:
Outdoor scene in dark colors with a pale nude woman being carried off by a centaur in the upper left corner. A red drapery is flying out and behind the woman.
Phillip Leslie Hale, Deianira, Wife of Hercules, Being Carried Off by the Centaur Nessus , c. 1897 , Oil on Canvas
Realistic painting of an older white man with short white hair and a ruddy complextion. He is depicted from the chest up, wearing a black coat with wide lapels and a white undershirt. The background is primarily solid brown-red.
Gilbert Stuart, Dr. Nathaniel Coffin , c. 1820 , Oil on canvas mounted on panel
Portrait painting of an older woman, seated from the waist up, with light skin, wearing a brown empire dress and tan shawl and lacy top. Her light brown hair is under a white lacy cap.
Gilbert Stuart, Mrs. Nathaniel Coffin , c.1820, Oil on canvas mounted on panel
Photograph in black and white of a close up car side view mirror
Sonya Tanae Fort, Side View , 2021, Digital Photograph
Sculpture resting on a metal platform hanging on the wall. There are white railings cut towards the bottom with old paint rollers between the railings, wrapped in plastic with old photographs of girls printed on them.
Anne Lambert, Four Mill Girls , 2006, Found objects
Realistic landscape painting with a stony outcrop on the front left and a slop of red grass to the right. There are pine trees behind this followed by a far off view of fields and trees, two ponds, and rounded mountains with a clouded sky.
Albert Bierstadt, Near North Conway, New Hampshire , 1860 c., Oil on canvas