Painting with bright pink wall and a yellow window. In front is a woman reclining to the left with a dog laying in front facing to the right on swirls of color.

October 7, 2023- January 28, 2024
Marisa Companion: Performative Realities

Processing self and acceptance through art is also seen in the work of Marisa Companion, a New-Hampshire based painter and performance artist, whose exhibition Performative Realities will be in the Museum’s Litowitz Gallery. Companion’s stark yet brilliantly vivid portraits of friends and depictions of self explore healing, trauma, and self-love.

Dates: October 7, 2023- January 28, 2024
Participating artists: Marisa Companion
Painting of a woman leaning on a brown counter holding up a yellow smart phone to a mirror. Also reflected is a tray at the bottom left with jewelry, two small abstract paintings on a gray wall, and a bar of red down the right side of the work.
Marisa Companion, Brie , 2022, Oil on canvas
Painting of a mirror selfie of a woman in a yellow swimsuit. She is wearing a blue head scarf and a long pendant blue necklace. She is leaning one hand on a blue tiled wall and is standing in front of a yellow, green and red floral leafed curatin.
Marisa Companion, Kenyatta , 2022, Oil on canvas
Painting of a woman's face in front of a purple background. She is wearing a backwards pink ballcap, glasses, and a blue shirt. Her hair is long and comes to either side of her shoulders.
Marisa Companion, Boy , 2022, Oil on canvas
Painting self portrait of a woman with long brown hair, yellow glasses, in front of a hazy lined background.
Marisa Companion, Sad , 2022, Oil on canvas