Photo of a gallery installation with peach and tan walls. There is artwork hanging on each wall, and three pedestals in the center holding artwork.

Harvest, Foraged, Found

Harvest, Foraged, Found highlights five artists who use organic materials found in nature in their artistic practice to create diverse and unique pieces of art.

Their pieces, through what they harvest and gather, tell stories of place, connections to people and culture, and our relationship with the environment.  Wood, stones, leaves, shells, spores, and produce serve as inspiration and artistic expression that helps us understand the world around us and how we fit into and explore nature that houses us.


Dates: February 17 - June 2, 2024
Participating artists: Madge Evers, Lynda Goldberg, Bob Kephart, Saberah Malik, Sarah Sockbeson
Photograph of a wall sculpture with a square-ish body in hues of red and green, and a torn section in the middle revealing tan wood. The bottom has wires coming out that look like a tree trunk and roots.
Bob Kephart, The Root of Matter , 2023, Metal, wood
Print in shades of emerald and teal with white imprinted grasses and flowers waving across the background
Lynda Goldberg, Full Moon , 2006, Monotype on BFK Rives paper
Print with a white background and a smattering of leaves in shades of green, pink, grey, red, and white. Down the center is a painted thick twisting line of dark blue.
Lynda Goldberg, Mixed Emotions , 2020, Monotype on BFK Rives paper
Abstract photo with swirling background. Across the work are vines and leaves. There are patterns of swirling red-gold at the bottom right.
Madge Evers, Bluets in June , 2021, Ink jet print on Arches Aquarelle 100% rag paper
Photograph with a deep black background. Emerging from the center are lighter sections that reveal leaves and mushroom gills.
Madge Evers, Dogwood , 2021, Mushroom spores on paper
Sculpture on a reflective plate. Resting on the plate are two tan leaves arching together, encasing tiny white cloth balls.
Saberah Malik, Habitats Unknown , 2020, Polyester fabric, natural leaves
Photograph of a wall sculpture. In a horizontal row are seven white blocks supporting seven fabric rocks.
Saberah Malik, Stone [for our] Age , 2014, Silk Organza, polyester fabric, ink, wood
Photograph of woven baskets. The one on the left is shaped in an acorn. The one on the pedestal is a flat basket with a tan lid.
Sarah Sockbeson, Acorn Basket and Medium Basket with Lid , 2019, Ash, Sweetgrass, deer antler
Photograph of two baskets. The one on the riser has iridescent blue stripes. The one on the right is in shades of tan and pink-tan.
Sarah Sockbeson, Sarah Sockbeson Baskets , 21st century, Ash, Sweetgrass, deer antler
Photograph of a grouping of tiny baskets.
Sarah Sockbeson, Mini Fancy Baskets , 2013-2023, Brown Ash, sweetgrass, deer antler
Photograph of a large woven basket in shades of blue and tan. The tan strands are curled and stick out from the basket. The top has an ornamental handle.
Sarah Sockbeson, Large Fancy Basket , 2023, Brown Ash, sweetgrass, deer antler