Photograph of a gallery installation with light light blue and tan walls. There are various artworks hung across all the wall surfaces.

Danforth Permanent Collection 2024

FSU Curatorial Fellow AJ Green, curated the Permanent Collection to get visitors to ask 'what [art] means to you, how it makes you feel, and why it makes you feel that way, adds so much depth to the simple act of observing.

The aspect of contemplation is essential, and both the artist and the viewer participate. The creation of art is a form of communication, and trying to interpret what is being communicated seems like the natural thing to do. For some artists, that act of creation plays an essential role in being alive. My arrangement of these works in relation to each other is my way of communicating the connections I discovered in selecting these works. The specific placement of each work allows the art to harmonize, drawing connections across different styles and mediums.  The human form is significant in this installation, with varying degrees of representation that artists use to achieve their vision. The inclusion of figures is essential; they give us a subject to relate to, fear, question, or even be attracted to. I initially did not intend to focus on the figure, but it naturally arose and, for me, gives the exhibition a pleasant cohesion.

Ultimately, this exhibition is a representation of the human condition. It displays the countless ways in which artists represent quintessential themes of life — death, joy, despair, courage, and uncertainty. Grit was a word that repeatedly came to mind throughout the entire process. In raw and unfiltered depictions of hardships in life, artists use rough and unrefined techniques to portray difficult feelings. Being able to find beauty in those unexpected places is one of my favorite things about art.

Dates: January 2024- January 2025
Participating artists: