Armchair Travel: Work by Emily Belz, Rachel Loischild, and S. Billie Mandle

Exploration implies traveling to far-flung or exotic locales. Yet traveling in place, or armchair travel, is a journey that can inspire and quiet the mind.

This exhibition explores taking a journey but remaining close to home. From the grand scope of the American landscape tradition to smaller fragments of the everyday, armchair travel remains appealing and the journey is wide-ranging. Works on view, by three photographers whose work emphasizes close attention to details, asks us to narrow and focus our idea of place and the landscape.

Dates: April 14 – July 14, 2019
Participating artists: Emily Belz, Rachel Loischild, S. Billie Mandle
Emily Belz, Journey , 2014, Digital Photo/Archival Inkjet Print
self as other
Emily Belz, Self and Other , 2014, Digital Photo/Archival Inkjet Print
self as subject
Emily Belz, Self as Subject , 2014, Digital Photo/Archival Inkjet Print
twigs baskets
Emily Belz, Twigs and Baskets
Emily Belz, Yearning
mandle in corners
Billie Mandle, Mandle In Corners
Rachel Loischild, Polaroid 17, Polariod
Rachel Loischild, Polaroid 2, Polariod