Photograph of a piece of chocolate frosted cake with white and red blob decorations, all wrapped in saran wrap on a patterned paper plate.

Armchair Travel: Work by Emily Belz, Rachel Loischild, and S. Billie Mandle

Exploration implies traveling to far-flung or exotic locales. Yet traveling in place, or armchair travel, is a journey that can inspire and quiet the mind.

This exhibition explores taking a journey but remaining close to home. From the grand scope of the American landscape tradition to smaller fragments of the everyday, armchair travel remains appealing and the journey is wide-ranging. Works on view, by three photographers whose work emphasizes close attention to details, asks us to narrow and focus our idea of place and the landscape.

Dates: April 14 – July 14, 2019
Participating artists: Emily Belz, Rachel Loischild, S. Billie Mandle
Three photographs in a row, a woman from the back putting her hair into a bun, a purple rose printed fabric next to a round table with two boxes, and a rippled body of water.
Emily Belz, Journey , 2014, Digital Photo/Archival Inkjet Print
Series of photographs with a woman to the far left in a lacy white top, a table with a lacy glass orb and string, a shirtless boy standing on a couch with arms over his head, and a ceiling fan spinning.
Emily Belz, Self and Other , 2014, Digital Photo/Archival Inkjet Print
Four photographs in a row, on the left a clear cup with two bobby pins and a flower, a woman standing wearing a floral dress, a succulent on a red table, and a typewritter.
Emily Belz, Self as Subject , 2014, Digital Photo/Archival Inkjet Print
Three photographs in a row, with far left tall reeds in fall, center a plastic laundry basket on its side on a rug of brown box shapes, and an empty small picture frame on a brown chair.
Emily Belz, Twigs and Baskets
Three photographs in a row, on the left a bouquets of pink roses, center a woman in a Champaign lace dress standing in front of a door with a brown chair, and a photo book open on a green chair.
Emily Belz, Yearning
Photograph of an ornate wallpaper with a gold background and floral details in purple.
Billie Mandle, Mandle In Corners
Photograph of a glass bowl with gold details and remnants of some grain at the bottom.
Rachel Loischild, Polaroid 17, Polariod
Hazy photograph of a white window sill and a clear bowl with melon rinds.
Rachel Loischild, Polaroid 2, Polariod