Photograph of a gallery with grey walls and light wood floor. There are various paintings hung on the walls, and two pedestals containing sculpture pieces in the center along with a bench.

Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition 2022

After a 6-year hiatus, the Danforth Art Museum’s Annual Juried Exhibition is back! The Juried Exhibition had been an annual tradition at the Danforth for almost twenty years when the museum closed in its original downtown location in August 2016. The Danforth has always been a home for contemporary, regional artists, and it was important to resume the juried show in our new home at FSU. We are thrilled to welcome the exhibition back to the Danforth galleries and thank the jurors: Juliet Feibel, Executive Director of ArtsWorcester, Brian Bishop, Professor of Art at FSU, and Jessica Roscio, Director and Curator at the Danforth. The Juried Exhibition is a snapshot of the work being produced in New England right now. From emerging talent to established artists, the galleries offer a wide range of media, materials, and processes certain to spark conversations and inspire contemplation. The Danforth is grateful to all of the artists who submitted to the exhibition and who contribute to the rich cultural landscape of this region.

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The exhibition features 72 works by 72 artists; congratulations to the following prize winners:

First Prize: Robert Grady (Gloucester, MA), Blackbirds, Alabaster, Elephants, 2021, Oil on linen
Second Prize: James Dye (Worcester, MA), And so was Bedlam Brought to Order, 2019, Dip pen and India Ink
Third Prize: Sonya Tanae Fort (Brockton, MA), Side View, 2021, Digital Photography
Honorable Mention; Claudia Ruiz Gustafson (Framingham, MA), El sueno de Maria (Maria’s dream), 2020, Archival Pigment print
Honorable Mention: Kathryn Geismer (Somerville, MA), Convergence, 2022, Graphite on Duralar and paper
Honorable Mention: Delanie Wise (Newton, MA), Ginger, 2021, Clay
Emerging Artist Award: Jenna Billian (Wrentham, MA), What Should We Take?, 2022, Wood, enamel, vinyl, cast plaster, cast plastic
MetroWest Artist Award: Bréa Corcoran (Framingham, MA), Addict, 2022, Oil on Canvas


Thank you to Middlesex Savings Bank for generously supporting the Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition!

Dates: June 25 - September 18, 2022
Participating artists: Various
Photograph of a white vase with blue vine details. The top of the vase turns into the torso and head of a woman with a dress matching the vase. Her arms are out to the sides holding the vase rim, and her red hair is pulled back and down her back.
Delanie Wise, Ginger , 2021, Clay
Photograph in black and white of a close up car side view mirror
Sonya Tanae Fort, Side View , 2021, Digital Photograph
Photocollage with deep blues and bright whites outlining the shapes of ferns. In gold in on the left and across to top right are speckles gathered in rough leaf-like shapes.
Madge Evers, Seven is a Number , 2022, Cyanotype and gesso
Black and white photograph of an outdoor waterlogged landscape. There are many leafless trees around the perimeter. In the center are short, dead grasses around small puddles, one of which in the center has a large sheet of melting ice.
David Whitney, Last Ice , 2022, Photograph
Photocollage of a large waterfall in the background. In the foreground are small trees and two kids playing in those small trees. In the midground are ghostly images of a late 1800s family, a mother with four kids.
Diana Cheren Nygren, Before the Waterfall , 2020, Archival Pigment print
Photograph of an evening scene over a harbor, with a dirt road, wood pilons, and telelphone wires crossing the view of the harbor. There are two wood shingled houses to the right with deep orange lights in the windows casting onto the dirt road in front of one of the houses. In the far background is a small green light.
Robert Avakian, The Green Light , 2018, Archival pigment print
Painting with colorful peach, blue, and white cloud like shapes on the left, while on the right is a peach wallpaper with a florals in basket design. to the top left is a painted humingbird facing the flowers. To the bottom right are small plastic colorful flowers.
Anne Sargent Walker, Pink Room , 2019, Oil, acrylic, vintage wallpaper, plastic flowers
Painting with a swirling black and white background. In the center emerging from the swirls is a woman with pulled back hair and dramatic eyes looking to the right, with one hand to her neck and the other out below her at the bottom of the painting. Surrounding her are bursts of blue and grey or red and grey shapes.
Michaela Castelline, Lost in My World , 2021, Acrylic on canvas
Painting of an interior room grey floor with peach-grey walls just visible in the upper left corner. In the center in light from a window is a woman seated cross legged in a white t-shirt with gold stars. She is holding reading a book.
Lori Mehta, XMarkstheSpot , 2021, Oil on cradled board
Painting of a busy scene, with a woman in the center in a seated, crouched position holding a martini to her mouth. Behind her at the top are apple trees and a halo behind the woman's head. In the center background is a robot on the left and a space ship with four figures in yellow around it. At the bottom to left and right are monkeys and center a woman playing a lute with an older man talking to her in a white headwrap and orange robes.
Ken Tighe, Cheers to Dunmore Throop , 2020, Oil and gold leaf on panel
Abstract painting with wide brushstrokes of bright green, dark, green, pinks, and yellows. There is a large grouping of yellow and pink at the center top.
Robin Reynolds, Just Moving Away , 2021, Oil on panel
Brea Corcoran, Addict , 2022, Oil on canvas
James Dye, And so was Bedlam Brought to Order , 2019, Dip pen and India ink
Robert Grady, Blackbirds, Alabaster, Elephants , 2021, Oil on linen
Claudia Ruiz Gustafston, El sueno de Maria (Maria’s dream) , 2020, Archival pigment print
Jenna Billian, What Should We Take? , 2022, Wood, enamel, vinyl, cast plaster, cast plastic

2022 Jurors

Jessica Roscio

Jessica Roscio, Director and Curator, Danforth Art Museum – Jessica joined the Danforth Art Museum in 2011, was appointed Curator in 2015, and Director in 2020.  She has held positions at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She has taught courses at Emerson College and Suffolk University, has served as a juror for regional and national exhibitions, and is a regular contributor to Aspect Initiative, an online gallery focusing on contemporary photography in New England. Jessica has an MA in Art History from the University at Buffalo and a Ph.D. in American Studies, with a focus on the History of Photography, from Boston University.


Brian Bishop, Professor of Art, Framingham State University – Brian Bishop is an artist and educator who teaches in the Department of Art and Music at Framingham State University. His studio practice focused on photography and its relationship with the discursive and lyrical nature of painting has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. In addition to a curatorial career, he has taught on both the undergraduate and graduate level for over twenty years.


Juliet Feibel, Executive Director, ArtsWorcester – A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Juliet Feibel has worked across nonprofit management, the arts, and higher education. Leading ArtsWorcester since 2011, she previously served as Director of Education for the Ann Arbor Art Center and as Associate Director of Imagining America, a national arts and humanities project, and worked for non-governmental organizations in Vietnam and Thailand. She holds a BA in English and Art History from Northwestern University, a PhD in English Literature from the University of Michigan, and studied theater and art at Interlochen.