Meta Fuller Series

As steward of a special collection of Meta Fuller’s work on permanent display in the museum, the Danforth knows the importance of providing a deeper look into various perspectives and processes employed by the artist over time.  Meta Fuller is starting to receive long-overdue attention, as seen in this recent article in the Magazine Antiques.


Past lectures have included:

  • A deeper dive into how cultural aspects such as literature, music, and a tradition of story-telling inspired Fuller’s artwork and practice.
  • The importance of studios as spaces for women artists, such as Fuller, to create art and develop both a personal and professional identity.
  • Fuller’s early education at the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art, and the role of industrial art schools in the development of women artists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


Please stay tuned as we develop new lectures and topics!

Bronze colored painted plaster bust of a young African American boy with short curly hair and a calm facial expression  
Painted sculpture of a tan skinned woman in a cream dress and blue headpiece, with one hand to chest.