Photograph of a museum gallery room with various paintings hanging on a grey wall.

Recent Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection

regional artists and the historical works that helped shape and inform artwork in the New England region. Over the last three years, almost 200 works have been accessioned into the permanent collection. A selection of these recent acquisitions will be on view this spring, spanning across different mediums and eras to showcase some of the amazing works that have been added.

Dates: February 18 - June 4, 2023
Participating artists:
Abstract painting of a patchwork landscape in various colors with white dots and a patchwork sky of shades of blues with white dots. In the upper center are rough shapes of houses with windows and roofs, all in various colors.
Nan Hass Feldman, Village with Quilt of Stars , 2021, Oil on canvas
Realistic landscape painting of an on ramp to a highway. The land is brown with hints of a rock outcropping to the center right and pine trees along the outcropping and in the bottom center between the highway on the left and the on ramp on the right. The sky dominates the painting and is a blue fading to white in the center and one solidary cloud in the very center.
Sarah Supplee, Exit to Danbury, Rt. 84, New York , c. 1980, Oil on canvas
Painting of a woman seated at a white table, wearing a black and white stripped sweater in front of a red background. She has short brown hair and has her hands resting on the table with a small sherry glass.
Inez Helen Seibert Brooks, Figure , 1946, Oil on canvas
Painting of a woman with a book looking into a mirror that reflects a boy and man standing behind her.
Herbert Barnett, Figure & Reflection , 1948, Oil on masonite
Landscape painting with short green sprouts in brown soil, leading to a light green midground. The background has yellow and green hills with a few trees and a blue sky.
Inez Helen Seibert Brooks, First Corn of the Season, Lincoln , 1935, Oil on board
Abstract painting with a background of intense orangey-yellow. On the left side is an ambiguous shape of lines in pinks, yellows, greens, blues, whites, and blacks.
Lisa McCarthy, Seawall #2 , 2018, Acrylic oil on canvas
Etching of a woman in a slightly ruffled dress, standing facing left with hands behind her. She is standing in front of a window, looking down at a small swan sculpture.
Lilian Coleman Westcott Hale, The Little Silver Swan , 1907, Lithograph on paper
Painting of a man with brown skin and white hair in front of a blue background. He is looking off to the top left and is wearing a black jacket and blue scarf.
Hilda Terry, Portrait of Roland Hayes , 1945, Oil on canvas
Fringed hanging sculpture of crisscross lined plastic in a wooden hoop.
Joyce McDaniel, Pattern Illusion I , 1992, Plastic, wood, string