Permanent Collection

The Permanent Collection at the Danforth Art Museum consists of more than 3,500 objects in all media. Since it was established in 1975, the Museum’s collecting patterns and strategies have shifted to focus on American art from the early 19th century to the present day.

Today, the Museum’s Collection offers a snapshot of the history of art in New England and beyond. Works on view in this gallery reference Early American painting, the turn-of-the-twentieth century Boston School, mid-century figurative expressionism, and an active contemporary community. The Permanent Collection continues to remain organic, growing and changing to reflect the role of the Museum as a part of a University and in art historical scholarship.

Participating artists:
Gilbert Stuart, Dr. Nathaniel Coffin , 1820 c., Oil on canvas mounted on panel
Marie Danforth Page, Portrait of Mrs. Frederick L. W. Richardson , 1920, Oil on canvas
Phillip Leslie Hale, Deianira, Wife of Hercules, Being Carried Off by the Centaur Nessus , 1897 c., Oil on Canvas
Phillip Leslie Hale, Glitter , 1908 c., Oil on canvas
Suzanne Hodes, Mother Three Times , 1989, Charcoal, conte, and pastel and paper
Charles Sprague Pearce, A Village Funeral at Brittany , 1891, Oil on canvas
Karl Zerbe, Archaic Figure, Gouache and pastel on rice paper
May Stevens, Artemisia Gentileschi , 1979, Lithograph on paper
Don Eddy, C/VI/D (Then There Were Two) , 1982, Acrylic on canvas
Denise Mickilowski, Cherries , 1999, Oil on panel
Sarah Pollman, Father/Mother 5 , 2013, Archival Inkjet Print
Lindsey Beal, Figure #1 from ‘The Venus Series’ , 2010, Alumitype
Barbara Swan, Lemons and Limes , 1972, Oil on canvas
Allan Rohan Crite, Madonna and Child , 1940, Brass Relief
Gilbert Stuart, Mrs. Nathaniel Coffin , c.1820, Oil on canvas mounted on panel
Marion L. Pooke, Portrait Study in Profile , c.1911, Oil on canvas
Sandy Skoglund, Spirituality in the Flesh , 1997, Photographic documentation of an installation
Denise Mickilowski, Strawberries , 1999, Oil on panel
Arthur Polonsky, The Flowering Staff of Aaron , 1955, Oil on Canvas
David Aronson, Three Musicians IV , 1972, Encaustic on Panel
Jo Sandman, During , 1982, Painted drop cloth on matboard
Grace Hartigan, Cellini Cup , 1984, Oil on canvas
Aaron Fink, Hat , 1991, Oil on linen
Jo Sandman, Next , 1982, Painted drop cloth on matboard
Julian Alden Weir, Portrait of Anna, Oil on canvas
William Paxton, Portrait of the Artist’s Father , 1892, Oil on canvas
Tara Sellios, Retribution: Untitled No. 1, Digital C-print on paper
Susanna Coffey, Self-Portrait (Reverse Head, Sepia) , 1999, Oil on panel
TRIIIBE (Alicia Casilio, Kelly Casilio, Sara Casilio, Cary Wolinsky), Shelf Life #3 , 2010, Archival Inkjet Print
Hyman Bloom, Skeleton in a Red Dress , c.1939-1945, Oil on canvas
Gail Samuelson, Silk Blouse , 2015, Pigment print on paper
Lawrence Kupferman, South End Facade , 1945, Oil on board
Joan Snyder, Study for Vineyard , 1987, Oil, acrylic, nails, paper mache, wire, and wood on canvas
Duane Slick, Verifying the Invisible (Coyote and Tulips) , 2005, Encaustic on linen
Florence Hosmer, Woman with Blue Cloche Hat , 1920, Oil on canvas