Jun 22- Aug 21

Summer Arts Online

Join us online for a new event each week exploring How Art Happened. 

From cave paintings to cubism, humankind has made art to express feelings and ideas. This summer, Danforth Art school will look at the long timeline of art making through the ages to learn about how and why different art forms were invented and also how various cultures influenced the many art movements we know of today. How was paint invented? Who made the first architecture? Why are some sculptures so big? For Grades K-5, each week will be a new experience having fun being inspired by different eras and art movements.

Students in Grades 6-8 will enjoy classes designed around specific artistic materials and methods such as Prints & Collage, Sculpture, Upcycled Fashion and Comics, Cartoons & Manga.

Our High School classes allow for concentrated study and portfolio development in subjects such as Portrait & Figure Studies, Painting Techniques, and Fashion Illustration.